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ATLANTA (Reuters) - A judge has dismissed a $30 million federal lawsuit by a celebrity hair stylist ...
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - When MTV's "Teen Wolf" heartthrob Dylan O'Brien first auditioned for young a...
ROME (Reuters) - Sophia Loren, Italy's national cinema icon and eternal diva, turns 80 this week and...
Canadian asset manager Gluskin Sheff + Associates Inc said its quarterly profit more than doubled as...
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Investors in U.S.-based funds added a net $6.7 billion into stock funds in the ...
NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. fund managers are finding a lot to like about finger-painting and naptime....
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Touching feet is the traditional Indian way of showing respect to someone but,...
MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Australian Rules club Essendon have failed in their bid to halt a lengthy inve...
(Reuters) - The Atlanta Falcons punished Tampa Bay on the ground and through the air as they blasted...
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An unsuspecting Atlanta woman (Taraji P. Henson) lets in a charming stranger (Idris Elba) to use her phone and soon believes the adage ``no good deed goes unpunished'' when he takes over her home and terrorizes her family.
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