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posted in Community News by Monica Brinkman
posted in Community News by Monica Brinkman
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posted in Pets
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- 12/02/2017 - 01/05/2018

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LONDON (Reuters) - Britain's Princes William and Harry joined the cast of the new film "Star Wars: T...
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - "Star Wars: The Last Jedi" won warm reviews from most critics on Tuesday, a ...
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Furry, wide-eyed and winged critters called Porgs are invading the "Star War...
NEW YORK (Reuters) - (The writer is a Reuters contributor. The opinions expressed are his own.) ...
(Reuters) - American International Group Inc has ramped up its analysis for insuring against cyber ...
(Reuters) - Canadian asset manager Desjardins Group is partnering with five credit union centrals an...
(Reuters) - Social media users have told American skier Lindsey Vonn they hoped she broke her neck a...
Oscar Pistorius suffers bruise in prison fight
Tue, 12 Dec 2017 07:13:34 -0500
JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Jailed South African track star Oscar Pistorius suffered a bruise in a figh...
Azarenka given wildcard for Australian Open
Tue, 12 Dec 2017 18:15:17 -0500
MELBOURNE (Reuters) - Twice champion Victoria Azarenka has been given a wildcard for next month's Au...
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While on assignment in Oahu, Hawaii, military contractor Brian Gilcrest (Bradley Cooper) reconnects with his old flame Tracy Woodside (Rachel McAdams), now married to an Air Force recruit (John Krasinski) . He also spends time with Allison Ng (Emma Stone), a hard-nosed fighter pilot who watches every move that he makes. As they travel throughout the lush terrain, Brian finds himself falling for his feisty guide, while his conversations with Tracy may provide a shocking revelation from their past.
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