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Site Aide II
posted 05/16/2017 by guest

Mid-East Area Agency on Aging-Sullivan Senior Center is looking to hire a Site Aide II. Hours are 9:00a-3:00p, Monday-Friday, with full benefits. Job requirements consist of a High School diploma or equivalent, three years of experience where management skills were exhibited, previous food service experience is helpful. Candidate must have a valid Missouri driver's license and & state minimum required auto insurance for occasional meal delivery, must have or willing to obtain state required immunizations, assist with meal prep, service and packing, custodial & dishwashing duties, ability to lift 40 lbs floor to waist, ability to stand for 4 hours, basic math/computer skills and good written and verbal communication skills. Background checks and drug testing will be performed. Interested candidates must apply in person at the Sullivan Senior Center, 730 West Main in Sullivan. No phone calls will be accepted.
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