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The amazing circular obstacle
posted 08/08/2011 by Mike Cress

I read that we are going to soon be blessed with three more of the amazing circular road obstacles similar to the impending diaster enabler at White Columns Drive at the I44 off ramp.

Apparently the same genius that designed the roadblock at the top of the ramp, complete with a monument to limit visibility ac ross the obstacle, has now been turned loose to build more in Rolla. This time at critical road junctions so that the traffic mess we have now can get much much worse. The one redeeming feature of the existing obstacle is that it diverts traffic that would normally use that intersection to others, primarily Kings highway. That created additional pressure on the Kings highway intersection prompting the people responsible to decree that another roadblock is needed. Perhaps causing more confusion on the roadway is exactly what the traffic "experts" intend. Genius indeed.

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