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posted 07/25/2015 by Monica Brinkman

Welcome to the World of Angela, Euclid and Karman

What began in a small, rural college town in Missouri with, The Turn of the Karmic Wheel, now ends across the country in the stand-alone sequel, The Wheel’s Final Turn. We invite you to come along for the journey.
For those of you who do not know this author well or are seeing her works for the first time, we introduce Monica M Brinkman. A woman who has strived to assist as well as entertain others. Be it acting, singing, writing or hosting the weekly It Matters Radio live, on-camera internet broadcast, it is her goal to give back to the world, or as the saying goes, ‘play it forward.’
Having had the fortune of residing in the East Coast, the West Coast and now the Mid-West, it is her firm belief most people are good, decent, caring and loving individuals. Monica has met and befriended people of all race, belief, religion or lifestyle and it has, in her own words "hopefully, allowed me to grow into a much kinder, understanding, forgiving and non-judgmental person".
Her style of writing is plain and simple and honest with a touch of horror and surrealism. Brinkman states, she had to laugh when she was likened to a cross between Nora Roberts and Stephen King. What a combo that is.
Feel free to check out Ms. Brinkman's books via her website, Amazon or Barnes and Noble.

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