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Local Host of It Matters Radio Announces New Venue
posted 05/31/2014 by Host, Monica Brinkman

It Matters Radio is proud to announce their first live, on-camera, broadcast June 5th, @ 8PM CT on Spreecast.

For over two years, It Matters Radio has been presenting their listeners, fans and supporters with entertainment via outstanding, new musical artists from the US and throughout the world, along with non-profit organizations, and authors. Each week, you will find a new band, singer or entertainer along with a featured author or non-profit organization representative.

Audio was great, but we are now excited to offer our broadcasts via Spreecast and take you right into the studio when chatting live, on-camera, with our guests.

We've always believed in embracing humanity through the arts, music, and open conversation and show-casing new talent. It is our way of 'giving it forward'.

Join us Thursday when Ken, Kerry and Host Monica Brinkman, along with that crazy kitty Punky, interview Colin White and Joe Symes, of the hottest new band to be found - Joe Symes and the Loving KInd, live from the UK. We are also pleased to present PR/Marketing Guru Diane Dennis, for those who wish to gain insight into marketing and gather some great tips.

By the way, you may join us via the url link to view the show, or sign in using your e-mail, FB, Twitter or LinkedIn account to join the chat room or for those brave viewers, ask to come on camera and chat with us.

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