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Hiroshima: What Obama won't say
Thu, 26 May 2016 21:46:38 EDT
Seven decades after the U.S. launched an atomic attack in Hiroshima, President Barack Obama will become the first sitting president to visit the city, traveling there Friday to offer a reconciliatory balm for the still-painful knowledge of the devastation countries can inflict upon one another.

Where Hiroshima could happen again
Thu, 26 May 2016 21:45:53 EDT
When I was 12 years old, during the Cold War, I read John Hersey's novel "Hiroshima." He describes in searing detail what happened that day -- August 6, 1945 -- when the United States dropped the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. Sponsored: Drivers With No Tickets In 3 Years Read This Do NOT pay your next car insurance bill until you try this.

Trump clinches GOP nomination
Thu, 26 May 2016 18:33:38 EDT

Iraq troops retake key town from ISIS
Thu, 26 May 2016 23:54:46 EDT

Lost hiker's tragic note for husband
Thu, 26 May 2016 22:36:00 EDT
Geraldine Largay knew she was so very lost that the chances of her making it out of the thick Maine woods were gone.

Antibiotic-resistant superbug hits U.S.
Thu, 26 May 2016 22:38:30 EDT
The United States' first known case of a superbug that cannot be killed by a last resort-style kind of antibiotic was detailed in a report by the U.S. Department of Defense on Thursday.Popular: Radical Islam in America | Graham Opposes Republican Leader | Guns in America

Clinton finds her voice against Trump
Thu, 26 May 2016 22:36:05 EDT
As she has trudged toward the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton has struggled to find a message that could impassion her Democratic voters the way her rival Bernie Sanders has.

ISIS finds an opening into Europe
Thu, 26 May 2016 13:45:15 EDT

French museum turns into giant kaleidoscope
Fri, 27 May 2016 00:19:32 EDT
French artist Daniel Buren has turned the Fondation Louis Vuitton into a giant kaleidoscope for his latest installation, Observatory of Light.

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Glory days return as Indy revs up for 100th
Thu, 26 May 2016 15:24:35 -0400
INDIANAPOLIS (Reuters) - A rich history and uncertain future will collide at the Indianapolis 500 on...
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