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The Britain that Samuele Marcora fell in love with still exists: He can ride his motorbike along winding mountain roads and past unspoilt sandy beaches, laugh at stand-up comedy nights, enjoy live music at rock gigs, or meet his PhD students for coffee.

100 days after vote: No meltdown (yet)
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 11:34:21 GMT

Brexit 'made me feel foreign again'
Wed, 07 Sep 2016 10:50:53 GMT
French macarons, Portuguese tarts and Spanish cream buns are being carefully served to white-haired pensioners gossiping over afternoon tea at a local patisserie.

The men in Trump's boys club
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 13:55:57 GMT
Days after patting himself on the back for not invoking them on a debate stage, Donald Trump and his campaign are attempting to use Bill Clinton's sex scandals to cast a shadow on Hillary Clinton.

When comparing yourself to world leaders or historical figures, there are perhaps less controversial choices than Adolf Hitler.

The Rosetta space probe has crash-landed on the surface of a distant comet, ending a remarkable 12-year mission that made a series of breakthrough discoveries.

Mideast leaders meet at Peres funeral
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 11:53:26 GMT
The body of former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres will be laid to rest Friday in a funeral attended by world leaders flanked by heavy security.

Kashmir: Pakistan captures Indian soldier
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 13:23:15 GMT
Pakistan captured an Indian soldier on its side of the disputed Kashmir border Thursday, Indian officials told CNN, as tensions continue to rise between the two nuclear neighbors.

Why did India strike in Kashmir?
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 00:27:44 GMT
India's reported "surgical strike" across the border into Pakistani-controlled Kashmir on Wednesday brings India-Pakistan relations to their lowest point in almost a decade.

Deutsche Bank shares plunge over fears
Fri, 30 Sep 2016 10:42:11 GMT

(Reuters) - Grammy-Award winning pop singer Lady Gaga will play the halftime show at the 2017 Super ...
LOS ANGELES, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Disney has launched a new line of "Star Wars" figurines that are re...
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Nate Parker, director and star of the new slavery drama "The Birth of a Nation,...
CHASKA, Minnesota (Reuters) - Moving tributes to Arnold Palmer and a celebration of sportsmanship fr...
SEPANG, Malaysia, Sept 30 (Reuters) - Fernando Alonso was encouraged after trying out an updated Hon...
BERLIN (Reuters) - The sport of athletics will witness a 20 percent rise in television viewing figur...
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WASHINGTON/NEW YORK (Reuters) - U.S. lawmakers called on Thursday for Wells Fargo & Co chief John St...
(Reuters) - Och-Ziff Capital Management Group LLC will pay $412 million and CEO Daniel Och will pay ...
Hollywood endings start with humble first jobs
Thu, 29 Sep 2016 14:48:33 -0400
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Despite their current world of glamor, not everyone with a Hollywood ending gre...