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SEATTLE (Reuters) - A fugitive bank-robber-turned-actor has been arrested in Washington state after U.S. agents spotted his picture in a newspaper article about a low-budget horror film in which he plays an evil doctor, an official said on Monday.

MILWAUKEE (Reuters) - Police closed off streets near a park in north Milwaukee on Saturday night after reports of a "lion-like animal," which came days after people said they had a seen a lion prowling city streets.

(Reuters) - Don't get into a pissing match with walls in San Francisco.

MONTREAL (Reuters) - An industrial contamination lawsuit brought a quarter century ago has been dismissed by the Supreme Court of Canada, bringing an end to a case dating as far back as 1924 that involved black tar so sticky that horses caught in its grip had to be shot.

MILWAUKEE (Reuters) - A dog in Milwaukee was expected to make a full recovery after being shot in apparent mistake for a lion reported to have been prowling city streets, authorities said on Wednesday.

BUCHAREST (Reuters) - A fanged Dracula with a blood bag hooked up to his arm is offering an unusual deal for tickets to a Romania music festival: Pay with blood.

LONDON (Reuters) - The Natural History Museum's famous cast of a Diplodocus skeleton – affectionately known as Dippy – is to be sent on a tour of Britain.

HARRISBURG, Pa. (Reuters) - A Pennsylvania couple has come up with a solution to soaring U.S. egg prices: Rental chickens.

BOSTON (Reuters) - A Massachusetts town selectman who painted over fading crosswalks in his town in response to complaints from constituents was criminally charged on Tuesday for his efforts.

PARIS (Reuters) - France's tobacconists are protesting plans to force cigarette companies to use plain, unbranded packaging, by disabling traffic speed cameras.

SAO PAULO (Reuters) - Joe Jackson, patriarch of the Jackson family of musical performers, suffered a...
MILWAUKEE (Reuters) - Nicole Anderson rode along a busy Milwaukee thoroughfare where she got plenty ...
ATLANTA (Reuters) - An initial autopsy on Bobbi Kristina Brown on Monday found no significant injuri...
KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - The International Olympic Committee started a week-long session in Malaysia...
KUALA LUMPUR (Reuters) - The International Olympic Committee said on Tuesday it remains confident th...
Boston flop a sobering reminder to Toronto
Mon, 27 Jul 2015 23:21:25 GMT
TORONTO (Reuters) - Basking in the glow of a hugely successful Pan American Games...
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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Some of the biggest U.S. corporate names on Monday offered their support - an...
(Reuters) - BlackRock Inc is on the prowl for energy and infrastructure projects in the United State...
BOSTON (Reuters) - Money managers, who have been cooling on gold for some time, last week held more ...