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SYDNEY (Reuters) - Security camera footage of a koala wandering unhindered through the emergency ward of an Australian hospital has gone viral, with tens of thousands watching the curious critter on the Internet.

(Reuters) - A woman notorious for sneaking onto commercial airline flights was arrested at Chicago O'Hare International Airport late last month after she was found in a restricted area without a ticket, police said on Tuesday.

VIENNA (Reuters) - A Vienna baker has stirred up anger by making a cake depicting Austria's main political parties as New York's twin towers coming under attack from opposition party aircraft.

(Reuters) - Czech second division club Banik Most have been criticized by the world players' union FIFPro over plans to make its players take lie detector tests after a run of nine successive defeats. "FIFPro is totally opposed to the use of a lie detector test and strongly recommends all players not to cooperate with this test," said FIFPro in a statement. According to FIFPro, the players were suspected of having been involved in match-fixing. "Banik Most's club directors...are treatin

MALBORK, Poland (Reuters) - Wielding swords and halberds, knights in heavy armor attack each other in scenes that could easily be mistaken for a staged reconstruction. But on the grounds of this vast brick castle in northern Poland, the battles are real.

MIAMI (Reuters) - A south Florida man is suing a hospital for emotional distress, saying his leg was amputated and thrown in the garbage with his name tag still on it.

AUSTIN, Texas (Reuters) - A Texas state trooper who says he was reprimanded after posing for a photograph with rapper Snoop Dogg filed a civil suit on Wednesday over the punishment he felt was unjust.

NEW YORK (Reuters) - While many people try to hide their gray hair, spending hours eradicating the signs of advancing age, going gray may no longer mean reaching out for the dye bottle as "granny hair" is in vogue.

BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Europe's top court ruled on Wednesday that banning homosexual men from giving blood may be justified where strictly necessary and only if there are no alternatives for preventing the transmission of severe infectious diseases.

(Reuters) - A professor at Texas A&M University's campus in Galveston has flunked his entire strategic management class amid claims of cheating and harassment, though university officials say the decision won't stick, the publication Inside Higher Ed reported.

MUMBAI (Reuters) - An Indian court on Wednesday sentenced Bollywood film star Salman Khan to five ye...
LONDON (Reuters) - The Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood have joined forces with British s...
VIENNA (Reuters) - Austrian prosecutors have charged the owner of a basement filled with Adolf Hitle...
LONDON (Reuters) - Bradley Wiggins believes he can put the Hour world record "out of reach" when he ...
Flames edge Ducks in overtime
Wed, 06 May 2015 09:27:33 GMT
(The Sports Xchange) - Center Mikael Backlund scored the overtime winner on a delayed penalty call a...
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Outside Bollywood films, Sania Mirza might be the only Indian success welcomed...
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FRANKFURT (Reuters) - Shares in loss-making German baby products retailer fell up to 12 p...
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Amy Paternite, a real estate agent in Maplewood, New Jersey, is getting used to...
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Arguing that many of its customers cannot afford to pay high investment advisor...